How it Works

Identify Goals

MD Ally partners with public safety agencies and their payor partners to implement a new telehealth care pathway for non-emergency patients. We start by establishing the right program goals, technical workflows, and performance measures that ensure a successful outcome.

Launch Telehealth

Connect each caller to the most appropriate level of care based on their needs – moving up the clock of care and saving resources. Patients receive customized care from the comfort of their own homes, while public safety providers are freed up to focus on more acute calls.

Manage Performance

MD Ally helps ensure your success by allowing you to monitor live encounters, provide standby support, and initiate tracking of key performance metrics. Access automated reporting on key measures to evaluate performance and institute any changes needed.

See Improved Population Health

By connecting public safety to new, virtual care pathways, MD Ally improves population health outcomes in throughout the community. Our solution “moves up the clock of care” for patients that would spend hours waiting in the ED and improves response times for patients with true emergencies.